undue influence

– other examples of family members walking away –
(after therapy or other influence)

‘My daughter rejected me for six years, thanks to therapy’
Sally Stratton – Daily Telegraph 19th February 2020

‘Being isolated from family and friends means that it is impossible to have a rational discussion with anyone who knows your past history and who could tell you what you were remembering is complete bunkum. Surely this has to be described as mental abuse?’

(the article can be found on the page ‘Sally Stratton’s daughter’)

Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation is a form of undue influence in which one parent deceives and manipulates the child to feel fear, anger, disgust, or other negative emotions towards the other parent. The alienating parent may attempt to instill false memories of abuse or phobias about the other parent in the child’s mind. They may encourage the child to spy and tattle on the other parent. In other words, parents who unethically alienate their child against the other parent use similar tactics that cults use to distance their members from family, friends, and ex-members.


the British False Memory Society
(see following page)

very sadly, the BFMS is winding down due to the increasing
financial pressures on small charities
the BFMS was founded in 1993 and has helped thousands of individuals and families – including cases that have gone to court
thankfully, in part due to the work of the BFMS, there is today
a much greater awareness of the problem of false memories
and the terrible damage that families can suffer