about us 03

Tracey and I are very caring
and considerate parents
and I have always been
a kind and generous father

Becki and Naomi had a very close relationship with their grandparents
and lots of other family contact and support

Becki & Naomi always acknowledged this
and often said how fortunate they were

but now they have grown up
and left home
they have stopped talking to anyone

written when Naomi was finishing her 3 years at Falmouth university
written after Becki visited us while working in London

we don’t understand what is going on with Becki and Naomi and it is very distressing

life was fine until they were in their twenties but both girls have seen counsellors and therapists
and it is now being claimed that we mistreated the girls

written after I took Naomi to Dusseldorf for a week to help
with her MSc application
written when Becki was working away in London

we are very grateful to anyone who is still in touch with Becki and Naomi

we care about them very much and we hope they will talk to us, because at the moment everyone is being hurt

Stephen & Tracey